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1902    Giuseppe Demeglio is born in Turin.

1922    After beginning his career as a watchmaker, he opens his first jeweler’s store/workshop at via Borgodora.

1923    He becomes an official purveyor for the Italian Royal Family.

1928    The jeweler’s store/workshop is moved at corso Regina Margherita. Giuseppe Demeglio specializes in working with gold and setting precious stones.

1958    Celestino Demeglio, Giuseppe’s son, moves the family business to corso Sempione.

1984    After training at the Benvenuto Cellini Art School and apprenticing with some of the best goldsmiths in Valenza, Milan, Bergamo, and Turin, young Roberto Demeglio opens his own jeweler’s workshop at 200 Corso Sempione, near his father Giuseppe’s store.

1989    The current workshop - a melting pot of ideas and jewelry - is opened on via Fratelli Calandra. Roberto Demeglio’s focus on design and technology allows him to satisfy a growing number of clients and to produce jewelry for famous international brands.

2008    Roberto Demeglio wins the Couture Design Awards, Town & Country competition in Las Vegas with Anaconda bracelet. He receives two nominations for the same competition and takes first and second place in the contest for the best jewel with an Australian pearl promoted by Platinum Guild and the Nishikawa Award. 2009  Roberto Demeglio wins again the Couture Design Awards, Town & Country competition in Las Vegas with Zebra bracelet. Roberto Demeglio celebrates the magic of pearls: the Nishikawa collection is born.

2011    A new big mill is opened in Valenza (Italy). Valenza is one of the most important Jewellery district in the world. Roberto Demeglio draws Margherita Collection which is launched with a significant advertising campaign.

2012    Roberto Demeglio wins the First Award at Platinum Design Awards 2012 of Basilea with the Kerouac bracelet.



Authentic value. Pure pleasure. Passion for technology, deep artisanal tradition. Roberto Demeglio is the Jeweler.
Ecletic creativity, Roberto demeglio is a true balance of design flair, technical experimentation and craft tradition.
Roberto Demeglio jewels are directed at women who want to stand out thanks to really valuable accessories made of the purest stones and very special indeed.


In 2010, the company spoke at the “Luxury”, ethics and corporate responsibility in the jewellery “industry” workshop organised by the United Nations at the Shanghai Expo.

It was an important and prestigious invitation, the result of targeted and ethical choices made when selecting raw materials, starting with diamonds. Ethics and responsibility – key words in Roberto Demeglio’s approach and tangible guidelines for the entire company – also feature in our television advertisement, where an extremely innovative product, such as Margherita, is placed alongside the warmth and purity of the highst values: family, loved ones and duty.

In short, ethics means respecting our end user, our partners and our sales force. The decision to produce and sell objects of extreme quality always goes hand-inhand with the desire to maintain the right margin, avoiding excessed of any kind, at every stage of our business. In this way, Roberto Demeglio jewellery is bought at a price that is in keeping with its true value and becomes an object that not only delights buti s also a good investment, true to a promise of value that must always satisfy our customers.